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Short Programmes

We design and deliver a range of short development programmes usually involving 1 or 2 days of attendance. These may be delivered as a public course or specifically for a client.

Where it is for a client, we align the content to any Critical Business Issues that the client may have at that time so as to ensure the development provided has maximum impact on the organisation.

This is a small selection from our wide range of short courses. If you would have a specific subject matter you would like information on, please contact us.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Improve how to connect, communicate and influence others
  • Enhance leadership ability, personal relationships and well-being
  • Develop self and other awareness
  • Effective techniques to boost resilience

How to Motivate and Empower your People

  • Delegation and Empowerment…the differences.
  • Effective techniques for Motivating and Enthusing your People.
  • Creating a Culture of Recognition.
  • Building a Culture of Creativity and Innovation.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Increasing your leadership awareness.
  • Improving your awareness of others within the team.
  • Understanding the connections between behaviour, performance and decision making.
  • Developing empathy and becoming behaviourally agile in your leadership approach.

The Resilient Leader

  • Bouncing back from challenges and set-backs.
  • Being organised and getting things done.
  • Understanding your triggers and developing techniques for handling pressure/stress.
  • Creating a mentally healthy work environment.

The Leader as a Coach

  • Giving & receiving feedback.
  • Having difficult conversations.
  • Creating a ‘shift’ through active listening and powerful questioning.
  • Helping others to help themselves (problem solving, decision making and creative thinking).

The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson

  • This is a practical and skills-based program designed to improve your emotional intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence has been shown through research to be critical for effectiveness in all industries, especially in professional sales, where the ability to create strong connections is imperative to success.
  • Through the application of the mindfulness tools and techniques, in this program you will learn how to increase your sales results by enhancing your impact, effectiveness and resilience and ability to connect more effectively.
  • During this program, you will improve your understanding of the science of emotions and emotional intelligence. You will also explore and practise techniques that will allow you to develop the superior emotional intelligence that typifies top salespeople.

The Effective Communicator

  • Identifying Barriers to Communication and How to Overcome them.
  • Developing Effective Listening skills.
  • Setting the Conditions for Excellent Communications.
  • Communicating with Confidence

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