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Leadership Development

Effective Leadership is a behaviour, not a title

We at NDEAVOUR CONSULTANTS Ltd believe that one of the outcomes of the Pandemic will be a stronger emphasis on behavioural and values driven leadership styles within organisations. Collaborative, Engaging, Agile and Resilient Leaders who display a high level of Emotional Intelligence will be the Leaders in demand.

They will build High Performing teams based on their leadership style rather than their product or organisation knowledge alone. This will be required for organisations of the future to not only regain their success position, but improve on it.

Our Leadership Development Programmes are designed to directly contribute to our clients’ Strategic Objectives, Culture and Core Values whilst also providing opportunity for participants to gain Professional and Academic Designations.

“So goes the Leadership, so goes the culture.
So goes the culture, so goes the Company.”

Simon Sinek. ‘Leaders eat last’ Penguin Books Ltd 2014.

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