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Health & Well-being

Nobody in business needs to be reminded about the impact of COVID 19. The pandemic has thrust the topic of our general health and wellbeing to the forefront of our daily conversations.
As a result, businesses are beginning to understand the links between wellness, productivity and employee retention.

Here in the UK, for example, poor mental health costs Employers somewhere between £33 billion and £42 billion per year – staggering when you actually think about it.

Wellbeing and resilience are important enablers of improved employee engagement and high performance. The relationship between both will be vital moving forward, post pandemic.

People need to feel engaged if they are to give maximum levels of discretionary effort – equally they will now value good health more than ever before. Businesses need to understand this.

Ndeavour Consultants can help build healthy, high performing organisations. Our in-company health checks, diagnostic profiling tools (eg MTQ 48 Mental Toughness) and employee support programmes (stress management, coaching & mentoring, counselling, advice on nutrition etc) are cutting edge yet user friendly.

We can also support organisations to develop wellbeing policies and procedures aimed at protecting and supporting the business itself and its people.

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